Thursday, December 17, 2009

50 Cent Lays Out on Tiger Woods

During an appearance on The George Lopez Show on TBS last night (December 14), 50 Cent revealed he is reconsidering a line of condoms and may even add a “tiger” stripe to the packaging, in honor of Woods’ numerous trysts outside of his marriage.

“Thirteen women and no condoms – you’re a gambling man ain’t you Tiger? Rappers use condoms often. Golfers apparently don’t use condoms,” 50 Cent joked. “It’s interesting when you pick your women at Perkins. That’s why you get told on. When she tells it’s not really her fault, especially when you didn’t give her nothing and she’s at Perkins.”

The rapper went on to say that the women in Tiger’s life didn’t respect or fear him.

“The woman needs to feel like maybe he’s gonna snap, so I aint gonna say that,” 50 Cent told Lopez. “Tiger there ain’t no fear.”


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