Monday, September 14, 2009

Opinion: Kanye West’s Pathetic Behavior

It is our opinion at YBG that you should no longer feel obligated to ride the Kanye West emotional roller coaster, as this brother has obviously lost his damn mind.  First, the rapper makes a non-rap album that seems stupid, with a bunch of crazy songs that show that he is not in his right mind.  Second, there is the craziness of that ridiculous relationship with Amber Rose.  Last night was the kicker:  his assault of Taylor Swift’s moment on stage. 

We’re not Taylor Swift fans, but if she won the damn award Kanye, leave her alone.  You would be livid if Garth Brooks went up on the stage and took your sh*t.  Just kill it Ye and get that therapy you been needin.  It’s starting to get on our nerves.

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