Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LOL–Rolling Stone Magazine Names Eminem the King of Hip Hop Because White People Buy His Albums

by Amir Shaw

Eminem must be the best rapper alive, correct? According toRolling Stone, the Detroit native stands as the undisputed “King of Hip-Hop.” The publication assembled a list of the top 20 rappers in hip-hop since 2009 and ranked them by compiling album sales, YouTube views, social media scores, album reviews, awards and concert tours.

Eminem came out on top because he sold the most records, had an enormous amount of YouTube hits, and more fans liked him on Facebook and followed him on Twitter.

Although Eminem is a respected lyricist, Rolling Stone’s list of top 20 hip-hop stars is flawed to the point where it’s almost a parody. The publication’s biggest mistake was that it allowed the “fan factor” to have more weight than artists who received great album reviews and won legitimate awards.


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